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...And Counting?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Originally written May 1 2020, by Tiffany Ritchie.

Without our technician, we we've been turning away work at a time when many businesses are closed due to Covid-19. We made the choice to bring in a temporary tech, at least for the jobs we already had booked...none other than the previous business owner, Mr Doug Gunn!

With the shop getting some work, and the local powersports community with lots of time to indulge their sports it looked like we were going to be pretty ok. It's starting to get a little much for Alan all on his own on the counter, we figure we should maybe even bring some help back!

When Alberta announced a province wide fire ban and OHV restriction on April 14th, our heart sank. Off road powersports are a big sport here. Hobbies are part of what are keeping many of our customers (friends!) sane when there is so little to do. Besides that, this would drastically impact RPM and our ability to weather this health crisis that is quickly turning into a economic crisis.

By this next week, much to our relief, the Crowsnest Pass has been able to modify the local OHV restrictions. Whether sledding, dirtbiking, or four wheeling it's a great way for families to spend time together, for friends to connect at a safe distance, to burn off energy and get out of your head especially when anxiety is running high.

We are more than half way to getting our tech back, our OHV customers happy and busy. Alan is still manning the counter on his own....but bring it on!

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