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Let the mods begin....

Mike from MV MotoVenture in Kelowna makes this beast of a skid plate. Mike was apleasure to deal with. Heck....this guy even made a skid plate for Chris Birch's person 1290 Adventure R.

Typical useless ADV foot pegs. Alan took a set of stock pegs...cut them up and welded it to the stock pegs and removed the slippery rubber comfort pads.

Offroad lights. Cause even during the day people don't see bikes. So this makes it a little more visible.

Heed crash bars from CZ and add on storage bags make a world of difference.

2x2 cycles makes this killer rack for hauling a mountain bike. This got some looks when driving around town.

LED Lights on Enduro makes this 3D printed headlight housing. It uses BAJA Designs lights. Man are they bright. Oh and a lightly used TKC80 on the front.

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