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Initial Impressions of the KTM 300XC- W

Originally written March 2020 by Alan Ritchie

My first bike was a 2006 Kawasaki 250 4-Stroke which suited me just fine for 14 years.

The longer I road in Crowsnest Pass though, the terrain demanded something else. I fought the Euro bike urge for so long, I love my Kawasaki but they just don't have a cross country bike. I started checking out other options. Researched, chatted up local riders and in the end a guy has to realize that no one makes a better XC bike than KTM/Husqvarna. I picked up this used, well maintained 2017 300XC-W...with electric start

Man what a first day on this beast. The greatest offroad motorcycle ever. The suspension is built to ride over rough trails, it just works so much better for riding in the mountains.

The 2-Stroke low end torque is incredible, second to none.

The wide ratio transmission makes it versatile and would be easy to learn on with plenty to grow with.

As an experienced rider, I can tell you this bike is capable and fun! Absolutely recommend this bike for someone looking for a bike that can take them anywhere.

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