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Small Town Boy...Big Motocross Dreams!

Guest Writer Raelena Parks, on Jr Rider Hayden Parks

Hayden's 2020 motocross season was set to be one of his busiest and most competitive seasons yet. There was a lot of lead up to this season as he was set to start in the beginner 50cc class with hopes to move up to the 50cc Advanced Class (The best and the most experienced complete in the 50cc advanced class, and let me tell you there is some serious talent in this class! Considering the 50 class is kids ages 4-9.). The 50cc class is the starting platform to any boy or girl interested in racing motocross. Just as the season was set to begin, Covid-19 shut down not only the world, but motocross as well.

Now with no season ahead of us, we were left with a very upset little boy and no real plans or insight on how to keep Hayden training and on his bike. Considering we had just purchased a brand new KTM 50cc SX, and this was his first year with a major sponsor, RPM :) . The loss of race season hit hard. We had to shift gears and focus on keeping Hayden on his bike and training.

We have found help in these areas with just recently completing a racing school with Lacroix Racing Academy, as well as making sure Hayden keeps riding the track and getting seat time on the bike.

When you ask Hayden what his goals are for this year, the answer is simple, he wants “to go faster and be able to WIN.” Haydens true passion is motocross and dirt bikes. A world that as a family we are happy to be engulfed in, and thankful for the support we are given by our family and RPM.

Haydens wed night practices in Raymond were just reopened and we look forward to attending them again and putting his skill to the test. (these are little mini races that our home track puts on weekly.) There is no better moment in our world than watching Haydens smile as he races and the pure joy he gets out of this sport.

We (the Parks Family) hope you enjoyed our little blog. And we look forward to writing more, so that you can follow Hayden’s Journey and his skill level as he grows.

Its a Journey you don't want to miss!

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