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Team KTM

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Originally written May 8th 2020 by Tiffany Ritchie

After many years as a Kawasaki loyalist, Alan bought a KTM this year and is fully converted.

Get his whole story HERE.

His new pride and joy graces the showroom for the summer instead of his sled. It is a great conversation starter when customers come in, and has created some great photo ops as well.

This adorable little 50SX belongs Hayden

Looks great hanging out with Alan's bike with the matching lines and little Michelin MS3 tires.

Change your perspective and squint, you can picture it with the "Big Boys"

I bet Hayden already sees it!

We don't miss an opportunity for a picture with matching bikes in the show room!

This 200XC on the left has a FMF Gnarly Pipe and RPM just put on these Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater tires.

On the right, Alan 300XC has a sweet Enduro Engineering chain saw mount

I feel a little weird, like bike paparazzi taking pictures of random people's machines in case I can post or write about it!

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